Bringing World-Class Business Solutions to the Rest of the World
Aspire2 is on a mission to bring world-class business solutions to the small business community.  We are working to fill the gap that exists for smaller business that do not have the resources and time to bring in high priced consults or expensive systems upgrades.  We believe that every business can Aspire2 great things with a set of ideas, tools, and systems that can dramatically move any business in a short time.

We are happy to share our vision, ideas, and how we think we can help!
With a wide range of experience, our team can help in a number of areas.
Consulting Practice Areas
Business System Redesign
Seeing your business as a set of systems that can be modified is key to dramatically improving your results.  By leveraging our expertise and experience we can drive dramatic business improvements in as little as 90 days through a simple but effective process that combines 80/20 thinking, system analysis, process redesign, and developing working procedures.  
Business Plan Development
Whether you looking to raise money, evaluate a potential acquistion, or planning to be aquired, we have the expertise to help draft, refine, and facilite presenting a focused and effective business plan.  By developing a deep understanding of your business and the competitive landscape, we can customize a robust business case that will clearly identify and communicate your strengths and future opportunities.
On-Line Retail Expansion
Through our subsidiary Aspire2 Shop, we are able to provide effective and immediate help in getting you "on-line".  In fact, we don't just teach this stuff - we actually have our own On-line retail business where we practice what we preach.  This approach allows us to experiment and find best practices that can be used immediately in your business. We have helped numerous business expand into online retail including selling on
About Us.
Aspire2 Shop
Don Kassing, Founder
After a successful corporate career in finance, operations, and executive leadership, Don founded Aspire2 Consulting to support, encourage, and financially back smaller business who are looking to make a dramatic change in performance.  Whether you're looking to redesign the work a business does or expanding into new on-line markets, Aspire2 Consulting has the experience and expertise to guide you down the path.  When you're ready to grow through acquisition or exit through a sale, we can guide you through that process as well.  The bottom line is we have you covered.
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